Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And it Shattered

But it was slightly out of reach, and I let it fall
And it shattered
And then I found another, and I grabbed on to it too tightly at first
And then I pulled back
And it shattered
Somehow, I managed to find another
But then I realized that there was a pattern
They had all just recently been left by their previous others
And I was always finding them in there most fragile of states
Please don't let it shatter

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing At All

I laid in the shape of a backward four with my left leg pulled in and my right extended. My eyes were wide open, but my body was fully asleep.
My mind wandered, but my eyes stayed still, fixated on the green light of the smoke detector, and the inconsistent flashing of the red light next to it. I wondered what the significance of the red light was. Was it to inform me that the battery was dying? Was it to inform me that the smoke detector was working just fine? Red such a negative color when it comes to blinking lights.
My Nat King Cole record had finished some hours ago, yet I'd been too asleep to get up and flip to side b. I'd attempted to line up the record's scratches with my heart's beating, but my heart beat a second too fast.
I knew why I wasn't in a deep slumber. I knew that I was keeping my mind stuck on record noise and flashing lights in an attempt to not think of her.

But that fucking red light flashed too goddamn sporadically!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creativity (or lack thereof)

Only the lowest of lows and highest of highs can spark a creativity in me worth acting upon.

I've been feeling lost for the most part. Last week was nice, that one day I went to visit back home, but now I'm actually back home. It's horrible. Work consumes my night and sleep blacks out my days, there's really no time for anything else. What's the point? Money? I could care less for it now.

I want something... no, I need something. I need something consistent, someone, I NEED. I'm just like everyone else, yet no one else is in need of me.

All I do is whine anyway, who wants that?

Friday, February 6, 2009


And there we sat on a wet, park bench, directly beneath the moon and a tree. And after he sang the words "Yeah we do, yeah we do," I leaned in to kiss her. I gazed at her lips as if I were a pilot examining the ground for the perfect emergency landing. Then, as the rugged landscape pulled tight and flattened, she smiled, and I knew I was welcome. I pressed my lips against hers and repeated to do so as she slid her hands up and down my inviting body. I filtered her hair with fingers perfectly separated, and cleared her neck of any clutter. I sank my teeth in to her beautiful flesh and marked it red with an uncontrollable desire. I knew this was what I'd always wanted, and I knew she wanted it too. My mind was so indulged in hers that I forgot in entirety as to where we were. But once I came to my senses, I didn't care to stop, the feeling was too good, I feared that any sudden movement would result in the loss of this most wonderful warmth.

Unfortunately, this venture of ours was short lived, as it was 11:30, time for me to go back home. Time for me to head across mountains and away from her. I hate the feeling of knowing I'm leaving, I hate the stop sign at the end of the street, I hate the men playing basketball on the reflective court, I hate the man walking his dog so late, I hate the songs with the lyrics I didn't know, I hate the yellow umbrella that fell off the table, and I hate the rain that fell in and out of the sky that night, but I love them all. I love it all.