Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing At All

I laid in the shape of a backward four with my left leg pulled in and my right extended. My eyes were wide open, but my body was fully asleep.
My mind wandered, but my eyes stayed still, fixated on the green light of the smoke detector, and the inconsistent flashing of the red light next to it. I wondered what the significance of the red light was. Was it to inform me that the battery was dying? Was it to inform me that the smoke detector was working just fine? Red such a negative color when it comes to blinking lights.
My Nat King Cole record had finished some hours ago, yet I'd been too asleep to get up and flip to side b. I'd attempted to line up the record's scratches with my heart's beating, but my heart beat a second too fast.
I knew why I wasn't in a deep slumber. I knew that I was keeping my mind stuck on record noise and flashing lights in an attempt to not think of her.

But that fucking red light flashed too goddamn sporadically!

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