Friday, February 6, 2009


And there we sat on a wet, park bench, directly beneath the moon and a tree. And after he sang the words "Yeah we do, yeah we do," I leaned in to kiss her. I gazed at her lips as if I were a pilot examining the ground for the perfect emergency landing. Then, as the rugged landscape pulled tight and flattened, she smiled, and I knew I was welcome. I pressed my lips against hers and repeated to do so as she slid her hands up and down my inviting body. I filtered her hair with fingers perfectly separated, and cleared her neck of any clutter. I sank my teeth in to her beautiful flesh and marked it red with an uncontrollable desire. I knew this was what I'd always wanted, and I knew she wanted it too. My mind was so indulged in hers that I forgot in entirety as to where we were. But once I came to my senses, I didn't care to stop, the feeling was too good, I feared that any sudden movement would result in the loss of this most wonderful warmth.

Unfortunately, this venture of ours was short lived, as it was 11:30, time for me to go back home. Time for me to head across mountains and away from her. I hate the feeling of knowing I'm leaving, I hate the stop sign at the end of the street, I hate the men playing basketball on the reflective court, I hate the man walking his dog so late, I hate the songs with the lyrics I didn't know, I hate the yellow umbrella that fell off the table, and I hate the rain that fell in and out of the sky that night, but I love them all. I love it all.

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Claudiee said...

you hate my umbrella? :(