Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm at a point of great clarity
That doesn't mean I'm great though
Just that I'm in a clear, conscious state of mind,
And that I can hopefully figure everything out, and continue the way I want to

Maybe it was the shrooms, maybe it was the "poor man's lean," or maybe it was the constant marijuana and beer. Or maybe it was a combination of everything, and time and experience.

Either way, I plan on limiting my drug intake, and my alcohol consumption
I'm not against any of it, but I feel it was clouding my vision
And a nice while apart from it could be good


Friday, May 11, 2012

Checking In

She stopped calling. I'd moved out a couple states east, for work. And she stayed back home, for school. She said she loved me and we could make it work, but we argued a lot. Had fights, I made her cry, she made me cry. After a while it just seemed like we were only calling each other to check in. But shes stopped calling. And so I guess I don't need this phone anymore.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back Home

I stayed up all night reading her tweets, her posts, her conversations. I stayed up all night missing her from afar. There's no point in her knowing anyway. I tweeted too, posted, in response to her, as if I were talking to her, as if I were still there. What is it that makes me do? What is it me and you? I've found that I've lost myself. It's hard, it's strange. That's why I left in the first place, but now I'm here. Back home, by myself, staying up all night. What is it that makes me do? Who am I and me and you?