Friday, September 19, 2008

She: A Poem

And she began to read, "I swept my hand across the sky and watched the clouds dispel from me. Continuing to flutter by until they're where they want to be." Oh how beautiful, I thought. Clouds always were my favorite, and now I had a little piece all to myself. Thank you<3

And again!
Never had clouds ever wavered so low
Or landed themselves on my ceiling
With your songs in my head at the foot of my bed
You just give me the loveliest feeling
I see stars in my sky when I thought all had died
And they’ve printed themselves on my ceiling
You’ve shown me your mind of a beautiful kind
And it gives me the funniest feeling
One day we'll own the sky!


Nonie said...

You are very welcome<3

Nonie said...

Once again, you are welcome.