Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Irrelevant Relevance

Have you ever looked out a window, to find there's nothing there. There's nothing more on the outside than there is on the inside. It's an extremely saddening feeling. I've always looked to the window as a source of inspiration, as something to make me feel as if there is more in life. But there's nothing out there. Nothing at all, just a large, empty, white landscape of nothing. I don't know what to believe anymore... Is there anything worth living for? Is there anything...

Maybe, maybe the inspiration is not in what is outside the window, but in the window itself. Maybe this blankness is what I've been looking for. Maybe this is the more, the new, the something. Maybe.

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her words said...

Hey there. Just a passerby here. A blank canvass is meant to be drawn upon. cheers (: